Nelson® Stud Welding, founded in 1939 by ship yard worker Ted Nelson, is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of weld stud fasteners and application equipment serving a broad range of markets on a worldwide basis including the automotive, construction and industrial markets.


Stud welding products are suitable for the fastening needs of virtually every industry and our products include externally threaded fasteners, shear connectors, concrete anchors, punching resistor studs, inserts, hydraulic ports, pipe & cable hangers, weld studs and bosses, and the equipment used to weld these items.


Through years of design, engineering and manufacturing excellence, we have perfected the durability of our fastener products for use in high stress environments from applications such as off-road construction equipment, large expansion bridges and skyscrapers to high performance vehicles, nuclear power plants and equipment used in high temperature environments.


Nelson® Stud Welding UK serves customers in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Cyprus, Malta and Gibraltar.

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